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Hospitality Law
  • Setting Up Of Townships, Cottages, Resorts & SPA, Farm Houses in Uttarakhand.
  • Foreign Direct Investment (100% In Infrastructure Sector).
  • Due Diligence of Land.
  • Arrangements For Purchase of Land In Uttarakhand. (State Government Permission OR Purchase Of Private Limited Company).
  • Execution Of Sale Deeds.
  • Change Of Land Use.
  • NOC's From Various Departments.
  • Infrastructure Project Licensing.
  • Grants & Subsidies Available For A Period Of 10yrs on Setting Up of Infrastructure Projects Under Specified Categories.
  • Hotels.
  • Heritage Hotels.
  • Approval At Project Stage.
  • Classification and Reclassification.
  • Hospitality Structures Development.
  • Guidelines For Heritage Hotels and Apartment Hotels.
  • Time Share Resorts (TSR).
  • Stand Alone Restaurant (SAR).


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